Our fields have closed for the season.. Thank you for your interest in commercial photography at our farm! We had a great first year and loved meeting Milton's photography community. We can't wait for next year when our plants will be even more mature and beautiful for photos! If you're interested in holding photoshoots at our farm next year, please refer to our options below:

Whether you are planning to snap a few quick shots for a professional headshot, or organizing a full out engagement shoot, our hope is to make your session beautiful while on a budget. At our farm, we have two options for a commercial photography permit, designed to meet your specific needs.

Our Photographer-Exclusive Permit caters to groups looking to have an exclusive photoshoot after our regular visiting hours. This permit gives you undisturbed access to our entire farm between 4PM to 7PM on Wednesday to Friday, and 6PM to 8PM on Saturday/Sunday. If you would like to purchase a Photographer-Exclusive Permit, please fill out our online reservation form below, or e-mail us at kelsolavender@gmail.com.

Our All-Day Permit was created in mind for photographers who want the full farm experience without breaking the bank. The All-Day Permit provides you with commercial photography privileges during our regular hours at a cheaper rate than our Photographer-Exclusive Permit. This option is ideal for photographers looking for more flexibility and for more time to relax on the farm!

If you are interested in doing photography at Kelso Lavender, please contact us by phone call or email and we would be happy to provide you with additional details on our photography policy!

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