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  • General Info

What you Should Know

•  Lavender bloom is during the month of July, specifically the second and third week. We grow several different lavender species so some may be more in bloom than others. 
•  We are a pesticide-free and herbicide-free farm.
• We encourage guests and visitors to book their tickets online. For large groups, please notify us before-hand and book your tickets online.
• Time limit is 2 hours but it is up to you to decide how you wish to spend your time
• We are a smoke-free and alcohol-free farm 
• We are open rain or shine
• Our farm land is hilly and bumpy 
•  We cannot accept bus tours due to our limit parking space. Please book online tickets to reserve your spots.

What You Should Bring 

• Sunscreen, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, a hat, umbrella
• You are allowed to bring folding chairs or a picnic blanket to enjoy the field but please do not set up in the lavender rows but rather in the shaded areas or along the perimeter of the field
• Large coolers on wheels are NOT allowed but any soft coolers or thermal bags are welcomed
• Dogs and pets are NOT allowed on the farm, however service dogs are always welcome
• Drones are strictly prohibited on our farm due to their disruptive behaviour

Visiting the Fields

Our farm will be open for visits starting on Friday, June 23rd, 2023!

Please book your visit through our online booking system which will be available soon.

Aside from the beautiful view, you are welcome to relax at one of our picnic tables, have lunch, take photos, and explore the different varieties of lavender we have on the field! We also have plenty of fresh and dried lavender bouquets for sale at our shop and plenty of other lavender skincare and homecare products that work great for your home or as gifts. 

You can also enjoy our tasty lavender ice pop's or ice cream as a sweet treat for the summer heat.

Some visitors get everything they want in 30 minutes, and others make plans to stay on the farm for a longer time. The choice is yours!

We grow a variety of English and French varieties of lavender. For English we sell Royal Velvet, Folgate, Super Blue, and Melissa. For French, we sell Phenomenal and Grosso. Please refer to our dried lavender collection on our online store to see how the different varieties look when they're dried!

Unfortunately, visitors are not permitted to pick their own lavender when they enter the farm. This is to maintain the health of the plants and ensure the lavender looks beautiful to all our visitors.

If you are looking for fresh lavender bundles, we have freshly harvested lavender bouquets every morning during harvest season which will be available for sale.

Lavender blooms mainly between late June to late July or first week of August.

We have several lavender that species bloom on a rolling basis throughout July, which means that with any visit there will be some lavender that will be in their peak bloom and some that will not be in their peak bloom. That said, the time when most of the English lavender is in peak bloom is late June/early July. Whereas, most French lavenders are at their peak in mid-July to beginning of August. Please refer to our Instagram page if you want current updates on how the fields look!

Please refer to our "Photography" section on the main menu of our website where you can see our photography policy and select a time to book for your clients.

All commercial photographers are required to purchase photo permits prior to their visits. For non- professional, not-for-profit photography is allowed without permit as long as no professional equipemnt (professional camera, tripod, other lighting devices etc.) is used.

Personal photos are totally fine and always encouraged. However, any professional photography requires a permit whether it's during our opening hours or for an after-hour exclusive photoshoot. During our opening hours, professional photography is defined as any kind of photography that uses reflectors, disruptive props (e.g. balloons, tents, furniture), tripods, or other lighting equipment. 

No. Our lavender field is located on active agricultural farm land and the surface of our farm is not suitable for wheel chairs. Also we do not provide wheel chair accessible washroom as we are equipped with only portable toilets. However, our shop is wheel chair accessible and we have a designated access parking. Everyone is welcome to our farm but if this may be an issue come at your own risk.

We take all major credit cards as well as debit (Interac Flash) and cash. 

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