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Before we started farming lavender, our family often wondered what we could do to spark joy and enrich the lives of those around us. Having moved away from the city in 2015, we dreamed of being able to make a living off our land while embracing the natural beauty of the countryside. However, with limited farming experience and lack of inspiration to grow traditional crops, the fields remained dormant and uncultivated for a time.
It wasn’t until we learned about lavender that we were suddenly and deeply inspired to make use of our land. It began with a curiosity and slowly became a reality. Having seen photos of lush lavender farms across the world and making countless trips to see lavender farms with our own eyes, our field suddenly became a blank canvas to paint rows upon rows of our own lavender.

Our decision to farm 25 000 lavender plants was swift and fulfilled a life-long passion to appreciate the beauty of the world, build relationships, and promote wellbeing. We learned all we could about lavender farming and planted thousands of plants in our first season. Along the way, we also grew as people and learned the importance of trust, communication, and perseverance. The growth and beauty of our farm remind us daily what can happen when we have a shared passion for things greater than ourselves.
As we continue to grow and learn, we open our farm to you and invite you to join us on our journey of natural healing and self-discovery.
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